17 Autumn activities to share with your family

Autumn activities to share with your family - walk at Exeter University

The weather may be changing but there is still lots of time to get outside and enjoy our beautiful Devon countryside. Whether you are heading to the local park, up to Dartmoor or off to the beach, here are 17 Autumn activities to share with your family. I’ve included lots of my favourites and suggestions from other mum bloggers too.

Take a walk outside

The days may be colder but there’s still lots of sun out there so put on your jumpers and hats and head out for some fresh air.

1. Puddle jumping has to be our favourite activity. There is something so uplifting about getting out of the house after being cooped up all day and splashing about.

Puddle Jumping - Autumn activities to share with your family

Puddle jumping – autumn activities to share with your family

2. Have you ever tried to catch a falling leaf? It’s much harder than it sounds but Katie from Living Life our Way says it’s “Our favourite autumn activity is trying to catch the falling leaves from the trees. So much fun!”

3. And if you can’t catch the leaves, you can get great satisfaction from kicking them.  Victoria from Lyla Rose recommends “Wrapping up warm” and Tim Williams from Broken Thoughts reminds us to “watch out for stones and other unpleasantries (💩)!”

4.  Crazy as it may seem, I love the beach in autumn. It’s so much quieter, the light is beautiful and you can experience the wildness in a way not possible during the summer rush.  And you might get one last paddle in too.

Autumn at the beach - Autumn activities to share with your family

Autumn at the beach – autumn activities to share with your family

Rachel from Coffee, Cake, Kids agrees. “We love going for hot chocolate picnics on the beach – a flask of hot choc, squirty cream & marshmallows and some mugs – snuggle up under a cosy blanket on the beach and watch the sea whilst drinking.”

5. If your kids aren’t very keen on walking, why not encourage them with activities on the way? Becka from Mummy Est.2014 says there’s more to books than ‘just reading’ this Autumn. Her family will be having fun with their autumn-themed books such as going on Gruffalo hunts in the woods with wellies on.

6. Or how about a treasure hunt? Lianne from Ankle Biter Adventures gives her children a basket each for them to collect conkers, pine cones, leaves and acorns, which they love.

7. Or even hop on your bikes to explore further? Autumn weather is perfect for cycling – not too hot and not too cold and it’s a lovely way to burn off some of that pent-up energy.

Autumn cycle on Exeter Quay

Autumn cycle with your family in Exeter – autumn activities to share with your family

Explore the natural world in autumn

Collecting and playing with natural resources is such a wonderful way for children to explore the world around them.

8. Elizabeth from The Homemakers Journal suggests you “collect a big bucket of chestnuts. Kids LOVE shelling them and then using them for sensory play.”

9. There’s also so much wildlife around. Beth from Twinderelmo says “We love finding the spider webs on a chilly morning. My girls take it a step further and make up names for the “spiders” and give them a whole little life. Great imaginary play.”

Spider web - Autumn activities to share with your family

Spiderweb in autumn

10. Emma from The Money Whisperer says “We love autumn-themed crafts. My girls collect leaves of all different colours and shades and love to make collages with them. We also make little people and animals with conkers, googly eyes and a lot of felt and double sided tape!”

11. Digging in the garden is one way to keep warm and it helps children connect with the natural lifecycle of plants and food.  Spring bulbs can be planted now and you’ll have the excitement of seeing them sprout next year.

Planting spring bulbs - autumn activities to share with your family

Planting spring bulbs – autumn activities to share with your family

Snuggle up warm at home

12. Autumn is a great chance to recharge your batteries and reconnect with your family. Lousie from Pink Pear Bear suggests “Lighting the fire, getting lots of blankets and duvets and having movie afternoons, even better is if the rain is battering the panes outside and the wind is howling. We also love roasting veg for dinner!” Louise has also shared her Super Scrumptious Roasted Butternut Squash recipe with us.

13. Another of our favourites is making an indoor picnic. Lots of blankets on the floor, teddies all around and a whole spread of snacking food.

14. Why not bake up a storm?  Our current favourites are apple cake and marrow cake.  Both use lots of cinnamon so the house smells delicious when they are baking.  Plus it’s a great way to use up the glut from the garden as they freeze well too.

Autumn themed crafts for children

Some days the weather is just too bad to get out. Use your collection of leaves, conkers, sticks etc to make autumn collages or leaf pictures. My daughter’s school have been busy making leaf crowns too.

15. Sarah from Digital Motherhood has some lovely suggestions for family autumn crafts on her blog, including these leaf suncatchers.

Autumn themed crafts for children Leaf Catcher from Digital Motherhood

Autumn themed crafts for children – leaf catcher from Digital Motherhood

16. Nadia from Scandi Mummy suggests using autumn fruit to create delicious treats – and they make lovely Christmas presents too.

17. Wet days always seem to turn into painting days for us, so we are going to try Catherine’s leaf print ideas very soon.


Autumn activities to share with your family - walk at Exeter University

Autumn family walk at Exeter University

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What’s your favourite family autumn activity?  Comment below to let us know.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post, autumn is my favourite time of year. Outside is so pretty and I too, love the beach during autumn. The children love being able to explore and collect treasures for crafting with.

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