3 super cool places to get out of the heat in Exeter

3 super cool places to get out of the heat in Exeter

We’ve been having some super sunny days here in Exeter and if like me you’re not a fan of too much heat, you might be looking for some magical shady spots.

If you want to get out of the sun, keep your cool but still have fun with your little ones, here’s our list of 3 fabulous spots to cool down in Exeter.

Wild Swimming in the River at Brampford Speke

3 super cool places to get out of the heat in ExeterWhat could be more magical on a hot, hot day than jumping into a cool river? The meandering River Exe creates beaches on some of its bends which are perfect spots for family fun. There are shady areas, with shallow water for paddling and deep waters for the more adventurous.

As you enter Brampford Speke look for the primary school and go down the steep path on the left. You can choose to go over the footbridge and follow the path through a gate and keep going until you see a gap in the greenery where you should be able to see a beach.

Or you can go through a gate before the bridge and follow the riverbank until you find the beach.

There are several beaches and even an island depending on the water levels so have fun finding your favourite spot for a picnic and some splashing.


St Thomas Splash Park

A firm favourite with families across the whole of Exeter, the splash park is one the jewels in St Thomas’s crown.

The splash pad sits in the former paddling pool area and has a variety of spray water features, tipping buckets, and my family’s favourite, the “car wash”, a series of hoops spraying water to run through.

Unlike Heavitree paddling pools, St Thomas splash pad has shady areas which make it perfect for parents to enjoy while the children are having fun keeping cool in the water. The surface of the splash pad is rubbery, which can become slippy, so lots of kids where beach shoes.

The splash pad is next to the playground in St Thomas Pleasure Ground, just off Cowick Street. You can find more details about the splash park on our Play Parks in Exeter page.

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Walk in the University Grounds

If you don’t fancy getting wet but still want to keep out of the sun and let the children have a run around, a walk through the university grounds may be just the thing for you.

The university grounds are beautiful at any time of year – you can read about our autumn walk in the university grounds here.

If you don’t fancy following the sculpture trail, just head off into the woods where you are sure to find a perfect picnic area, lots of wildlife, a huge variety of trees & plants to spot, duck ponds teeming with birds and of course lots of statues.

The views are gorgeous over the valley and it’s the perfect place to let off some steam when it’s hot.

There are several cafes and loos in the University buildings and they’ve always been happy to let us in.

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The weatherman says we are in for a long hot summer this year, so you’re sure to find in a one of these gorgeous shady spots in Exeter.

Arabella Greatorex, Editor of Exeter Baby Activities. The ultimate guide to family life in Exeter

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