5 Reasons I Love Soap Daze

5 Reasons I Love Soap Daze

5 Reasons I Love Soap DazeFor those of you who don’t know, the amazing Sharon runs a fabulous business selling the most gorgeous soaps and bath products.  As I’m sitting here in a fragrant Soap Daze haze (induced by luscious bath bomb, fabby face scrub, and gorgeous face oil), I thought I’d share 5 Reasons I Love Soap Daze.

1. Sharon herself

It goes without saying that the first reason for buying Soap Daze products is Sharon herself.  She is one of the nicest, most generous and all-round good eggs you could hope to meet.  Her customer service is perfect and she is so supportive of other local business too.

And she is exceptionally generous when it comes to local charities.  She regularly donates both her time and products to help raise awareness and funds for local good causes.  She’s also a firm favourite at community events.  She’s also fabulous at promoting and supporting local sustainable initiatives such as Exeter Pound, Jelly Children’s Charity Shop and Scarves for Sustainability.

2. All Soap Daze products are vegan

All her products are vegan.  Yes, yes, I know I eat meat but….I think it’s fabulous that Sharon made the decision to ensure all her products can be used by everyone.  And if there’s no need to include animal products in soap, it seems to make sense to leave them out.  A win all round.

3. Zero Waste and Less Packaging

5 Reasons I Love Soap DazeSoap Daze products fit into the Zero Waste and Less Plastic brackets.  I know just how long Sharon has spent perfecting her packaging and it IS beautiful – stunning cardboard boxes, glass jars and hand knit cotton cloths.  But if you want to reduce your impact on the environment, you can buy naked soap or even opt for the joy of being handed your very own 1.4kg slab of soap to cut up as you wish. Bliss.

4. Supportive of local businesses

Soap Daze is a fellow local business being run by a fellow local mum.  And those of you who know me, know just how much joy I get from supporting other local businesses.  And Sharon most certainly returns the favour – she is always name checking and promoting fellow business in the area.

5. The soaps!

And last but certainly not least, the best reason for buying Soap Daze products is that they are simply bloody lovely.  As a long-term junkie of Soap Daze products, I have loved every item I’ve bought and believe me there have been *quite* a few.

The soaps smell amazing and feel like a little bit of luxury every time you wash your hands.  They make wonderful Christmas presents too – we may have given a fair few over the years as gifts to teachers.

The bath bombs are so very grown up and relaxing – gorgeously scented and not a hint of a gimmick in sight.  I adore her cleansing grains (no microbeads here) followed by the rosehip oil, it’s a fantastic pick me up for tired skin.

You can buy direct from Sharon on her website:  Soap Daze, at lots of lovely local stockist such as Sanchos, or follow her on Facebook to find out which events she’ll be appearing at next.

Have you tried one of Sharon’s Soap Daze soaps?  Which was your favourite?

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3 Comments on “5 Reasons I Love Soap Daze”

  1. Oh my goodness, three cheers for this! I couldn’t agree more. Sharon is amazing. Such a generous and warm hearted woman and her products are genuinely the nicest I’ve ever used.
    I love that you’ve written this ❤️

  2. Sounds like lovely stuff. I think it great to support small businesses like this especially when they are making a great product. I’ll take a look at her website.

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