7 Gifts – Shopping Locally for the Planet

The Planet – I shopped locally for food

We are still carrying on with the shopping locally where possible – not only does this reduce car use and food miles, I actually find it to be strangely enjoyable.

Perhaps it is because I a bit ego-centric – I like to talk to people, to feel as if my custom is actually valued and that the people serving me genuinely care about the service that they give.

Or perhaps, as an ex-shop owner, I know just how vital it is to our local communities and their micro-economies: for every £10 spent in an independent local shop or service £25 is generated for the local economy compared to only £14 being generated for every £10 spent in a supermarket.

That’s right, every time you shop in an independent store, you are creating nearly twice as much wealth right here in your local community as when you buy from one of the supermarkets or other big chains.

Some more of my favourite shops on Cowick Street include:

Courtneys Butchers sells Ruby Beef, Creedy Carvers and other local meats as well as their own range of sausages. A bit more expensive than supermarket meat but so worth it.

Fishes for fresh fish from Looe and deli products such as olives etc. And super friendly service too.

Stokes Greengrocer – mixed review here. Yes we get our basics from them as it is good quality and local but the staff can be a bit hit and miss and if you want something more exotic than a courgette, you probably need to go somewhere else.

This post is part of my Seven Gifts New Year Resolution.

If you are interested in supporting your local businesses, you may like to take part in the Devon Life Live Local, Love Local campaign.

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