A Quiet Life?

A Quiet Life?

After the mad rush that had been the lead up to half term and all our illness over the holiday, I had planned on having a a quiet week this week and I *sort of* achieved it.

I have been thinking a lot recently about how busy life is for my 8 month old and how it might be affecting her. She trails around with me every day doing nappy demos, helping people with slings, Babyccino and NCT Coffee Afternoons, doing the school run, walking the dog, doing the shopping….and then we start on the groups for her – music class at Baby Yoga, Kathy’s House, Baby Café, Steiner Toddler Group, swimming…

When I sat down and look at my diary, it was a bit of a shock and no wonder we are both exhausted, so I have started a cull of activities and we are both happier for it – there has certainly been less stress and running around this week.

That is not to say that we won’t carry on doing fun things, just that we won’t be doing quite so many of them. She is a very friendly baby, loves to meet new people and is perfectly happy napping in the sling, but I do wonder if perhaps it does get a little too much for her.

This week, we helped out at the NCT Coffee Afternoon, which is a lovely way to meet up with parents and she does enjoy meeting all the babies and playing with lots of new toys.

Thursday morning saw us at Baby Café, which is such a supportive group, both from the Health Workers that run it and the other mothers that go there. It is lovely to find a place where women really do support each other and no judging in sight.

Friday will find us at our Steiner School Toddler Group, another very nurturing group and my favourite trip of the week.

In the rest of the time, we have just been *being*, messing around at home, spending lots of time sitting on the floor playing together, reading (aka eating) books, trying new foods.

I realised that while I do spend virtually my whole waking life (and sleeping time too) with the Lamb, we actually spent very little time playing which is such a shame as we both get so much out of it when we do have fun together.

The result, I am certainly less tired, Lamb and I have had lots of fun simply being together and she is sleeping better too!

Perhaps the simple life really is for us.  What do you think?  Do we rush around too much with our babies?  Would they benefit from a calmer lifestyle?

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