Back to School Declutter

Though you may not believe it if you looked around my house, I have been decluttering like mad for MONTHS.

As in multiple carloads to the charity shops, to the recycling center, the tip.

Tens of boxes of books given away.

Piles of children’s clothes and toys sold at a second hand stall.

Two sack loads of my old clothes sold on eBay.

Vast quantities of STUFF passed onto new homes.

Yet it all keeps coming and I am starting to grind to a halt. It’s almost as if the sheer volume of it is stifling my ability to deal with it.

So I am really looking forward to starting Lisa’s 5 day Decluttering course in September.

I’ve had a quick sneak peek and it seems perfect. Short and simple, just what I need to get me back on track.

And timed just right for when school starts again so I will have a (tiny) bit of time to devote to it. You get a daily email, printable PDF checklists and access to a very supportive Facebook Group.

The course itself is free but if you find it helpful you could always make a donation.

You can sign up yourself here and if you want to find out more visit Lisa’s website at – guaranteed no nudity at all, just named because her design fees are transparent!


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