#Blogtober17 Day 1 – All About Me

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This month I’ll be taking part in #Blogtober17, a month-long blogging festival that will hopefully see me updating the site every day.  It’s a big commitment and I’m really hoping to achieve it by adding lots of value to the site for our readers too.

The theme for today is all about me, so for those of you who haven’t met me yet, here goes.

#Blogtober17 Day 1 – All About Me

I’m Arabella, a 40 something mum of 2 girls aged 14 and 6.  We live in St Thomas with a fluctuating number of pets.

Born in Devon, I headed off to Uni in Bristol, where I met Mr Husband (2 decades ago – eeek) and trained as a lawyer, working in Bristol, Leeds & London.  Once our family started, the call of the sea was too much and we returned to Devon for a life of beaches, pets, cycling and green things.

Cycling in Exeter

Cycling is a big thing for me – I don’t drive so it’s the way the girls and I get to school, after-school activities, the Quay, do the food shopping etc.

On an average week, I do over 100km on the bike and am a keen supporter (if not a terribly active member) of Exeter Cycling Campaign.

I’d love to see a network of segregated cycle routes in and around Exeter – it would reduce air pollution, increase fitness levels and make us all more sociable if we didn’t rely on cars so much.

Cycling - http://www.hexmumblog.com/2017/10/blogtober17-day-1-all-about-me/

Celebrating Family Life in Exeter

When I moved back to Exeter 10 years ago, I found it hard to track down all the exciting activities that I just *knew* were happening for families.  There were local sections on the national parenting sites but no purely local site, so Exeter Baby Activities was born.

Today, Exeter Baby Activities receives up to 1000 views a day.  The site helps families all across the city find their local playgroup, family day out, local attraction or rainy day activity.

Shouting to the Rooftops about Local Businesses

Exeter Family Favourite AwardsI get a real kick out of sparking connections and building communities – putting local businesses in touch with families and spreading the news about family activities happening right here in Exeter is my dream job.

This month sees the publication of a printed magazine in association with Stroll-On Baby – coming free to a playgroup near you!

#Blogtober17 Day 1 – All About Me

Exeter Baby Activities Magazine


Most Scary Thing I’ve Done Recently

Jumping off the 22m high tower at Haven Banks.  Not nice.  Not nice at all.  But once I’d stopped shaking, it did feel good to have achieved it.

#Blogtober17 Day 1 – All About Me

Looking forward to getting to know you!

Arabella Greatorex, Editor of Exeter Baby Activities. The ultimate guide to family life in Exeter


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