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toddler friendly cafe exeterIt was a chance Tweet that led me to Cafe Renslade – I had walked past the bike advertising the cafe on Exe Bridges hundreds of times but never ventured in until a Tweet of mine was replied to by the owners of this independent cafe.

Cafe Renslade is fast becoming my new favourite cafe, partly because it is close(ish) to home, but mostly because it is so unexpected to find such a lovely place inside *that* office block.

And it is run by 2 very lovely ladies (a mother/daughter combo called Vicky and Jane who hail originally from the far reaches of Scotland) who are extremely welcoming to toddlers, even when a dozen of them turn up at once.

The Cafe is in Renslade House, the big office block on Exe Bridges and although it is a rather unlikely location, everyone I know that  has been there, returns again and again.

Sadly, there is no getting away from the fact that you are in a large, modern office block but the new owners have made great use of the space and created a bright and welcoming area.

There is plenty of space between the tables and if you get there early enough to nab it, a seating area with 2 sofas and a low table just perfect for toddlers to play and eat at.

The floor is carpeted which is lovely for babies and toddlers and there is a big box of CLEAN toys to play with.

The food is geared (understandably) to office workers so no meals specifically aimed at children.  There is, however, a good range of food that is perfectly suitable to share: sandwiches and baguettes  made freshly for you, baked potatoes from oven, soups and salads etc as well as cakes and the usual range of hot and cold drinks.

It does get quite busy at times but it lacks the frantic pace of some city centre cafes so it is always calm enough to have a quiet chat with friends.

There are steps to the front of the building but there is a buggy friendly disabled access to the side.  Free car parking is available to the rear or there are lots of buses that pass nearby.

Website –  you can download the current menu there but for example, cheese potato £3, BLT sandwich £2.50

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Twitter –

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