Cheap Baby Carriers

Baby Slings and baby carriers safetyI am often asked why parents should buy a baby carrier or sling at full price from a recognised dealer rather than at a saving from an online auction site or discount store.

The reason quite simply is the safety of your baby – unauthorised copies of many well known brands are all over the internet and some of them will be perfectly safe to use.

Others, however, are down right dangerous, even if they look just like the real thing.

It may be that the buckles aren’t strong enough, or the fabric will rip, or the stitching will fail.

All these could potentially lead to a nasty accident.

Also, the copies are just that – they are rip offs of someone’s hard work, effort and designs and it may in fact be illegal to bring them into the UK if they are infringing a patent.

You can find out more about fake baby carriers at

I do appreciate that many baby carriers and slings are expensive but I do always reccomend that you purchase from a well-known company that is an authorised dealer of the sling you want to buy.

That way you know you are getting a genuine product and will receive after care sales too from someone in the UK who actually knows about and loves babywearing, not just someone out to make a quick dollar.

The Natural Nursery is a an authorised retailer of:

Ergo Baby Carriers



Calin Bleu





Moby Wraps

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