Clutter Death Day One

In amongst all the back to school preparation, I managed to squeeze in 5 minutes to fill my first box with decluttering.

Declutter day 1 has gone rather well.

According to Lisa’s declutter schedule, it should be 5 things in 5 minutes today from a single shelf but I got rather into the swing of things and ended up with a whole boxful of stuff to go.

I was looking for a recipe book in the black hole that is the storage cupboard in the kitchen and decided to take Lisa’s advice to just pick out 5 things I don’t want need or like. Then I found 5 more, then 5 more.

Within 10 minutes I had filled a bag for recycling of old programmes/timetables, maps, loose recipes, old shopping lists and a million bits of paper.

Plus a whole box of books to sell/pass on.

Result one tidy shelf and we are having filo feta and spinach pie for supper tonight.

And I will face the other shelves another day.





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