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friends-not-presentsOn her decluttering posts, Lisa has talked about nationwide places to get rid of clutter but I thought I would list up some of my favourite local places.

Places to sell

If you have any real nappies that you no longer need, don’t forget the Second Hand Nappy and Sling Sale sale on 22nd September. It’s a very friendly sale and easy peasy to set yourself up as a seller.

More general baby and children’s items can be sold at one of the regular preloved sales. The NCT have them every 6 months (next one is 28th September) and Janette holds regular Baby and Children’s Markets too. NCT sale Facebook page

These are all regular events, so keep an eye out on this blog for the next dates if you missed these.

Jackanory (57 Buller Road, St Thomas) is a treasure trove of second hand baby goods. It is crammed in there and not easy to get around with children in tow but the friendly owners will gladly find anything you need. I’ve sold toddler beds, toys, books, bed guards, bikes and clothes there. Sometimes they buy the items from you there and then, other times you leave them to be sold on a commission basis.

Leaf Street (53 Magdalen Road) has expanded its space for gently used children and adult clothes. All the clothes are in amazing condition and well-known brands (think Boden and Joules). I’ve not sold there before but I assume they work on a commission basis.

Fore Street, City Centre, has lots of retro shops that often buy in stock, from vintage clothing to kitchen fittings and everything in between so it’s well worth taking a basket of wares up there one day.

Facebook has literally dozens of local selling pages and a quick search will find them for you.

Giving Stuff Away

Local children’s charity shop, Jelly is treasure trove of well priced baby and children’s clothes, toys, books and equipment.  They are always looking for more stock and funds help support families in need and provide training for those looking for valuable on the job skills.

There are lots of charity shops over the whole of Exeter and many of them will come and pick bigger items up for you, so it’s just a case of choosing your favourite cause.

Book Cycle (7 West Street off Western Way) is a secondhand book shop that works by donation, both for giving and buying. Many of the books are shipped off to developing countries but the donations for “sold” books are used to fund tree planting schemes in the UK.

Exeter Freecycle is very busy, so it’s a good way to pass on stuff you no longer need.  Facebook Page.

More Exciting Ways

Swishing (basically swapping parties) are great fun and easy to organise. One Great Clothes Swap has already been held with more planned soon.  Clothes Swaps in Exeter.

Last Resort

Take the stuff to the tip! Much of the stuff taken to the tip is reused or recycled so it doesn’t all go to landfill. And it will be out of your house which is the most important thing of all.

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