Competition! Win a Pourty Potty!

Win a Pourty Potty - easy to enter competition to win a fab potty

We’ve teamed up with Pourty to give you the chance to win a fantastic potty in the colour of your choice.

The Pourty Potty has a unique pouring duct and anti-drip lip. You can pour the poo and pee through the duct out of the back of the Pourty potty away from where your toddler sits or touches with no messy dribbles. Simply clean by refilling the Pourty potty with water and pouring it out of the back of the potty again.

Want to Win a Pourty Potty?

It’s really easy to enter, just pop over to Rafflecopter and follow the online instructions.

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And if you’d like to find out more about Pourty Potties and why we think they are so great, read our guide –

How to choose the perfect potty

How to choose the perfect potty

24 Comments on “Competition! Win a Pourty Potty!”

  1. The best time to try potty training is in the summer months when your toddler can potter around the garden or your home without tights or trousers, or even a nappy, on. Trousers and tight can be difficult for toddlers to pull down when they are in a rush to wee or poo!

  2. Sitting your little’un on their potty first thing in the morning and last thing before they go to bed gets them into a good habit early.

  3. Many thanks great blog love it ! During warmer months is preferable, the pressure is off and its all more relaxed. My choice………..Pourty Potty Pink x

  4. Make sure your little one is aware of the potty, and what it’s for, before you decide to start. Try lots of reading about potties, as well as talking about wees and poos. That way it becomes a normal part of life.

  5. No real hints yet as I haven’t done it myself (trained a child!), but I’ve heard cloth nappies are especially useful at this stage as the child can feel they’re wet.

  6. Just don’t rush it – you’ll know when they’re ready and if you do it too early, you’ll just end up washing lots of wet stuff!

  7. We’re starting soon, and the tip I’ve been given is make sure you have plenty of space bottoms!

  8. I just found no pressure helpful. Letting them see you on the toilet and telling them what you are doing, putting teddies on the potty.

  9. My best advice would be to wait for the right age. It will take less than a week when the child is ready!

  10. wait until your child is ready. if you try and it doesn’t work out, leave it a while before trying again.

  11. I bought a potty and placed it in the front room. My daughter loved sitting on it, watching the TV and really quickly learnt what it was for! I’ve just started the same process with my son. Fingers crossed!

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