Dads & Littl’uns

A toddler group for dads and their pre-school kids.

Worried about feeling like a wallflower at the local mother and toddler playgroup?

Tired of having to explain why you’re caring for your child? Come to Dads and Littluns playgroups in London and Exeter – where you can be proud of being a dad and a bloke, where the conversation flows as easily as the coffee and where there’s more toys than noise!
What? A playgroup for dads?

Yes, that′s right. A playgroup for dads and toddlers. We meet on Monday and Friday mornings in Wimbledon, just around the corner from Wimbledon Park tube. We also meet on Friday mornings at our playgroup in Brockwell Park, South London and further afield in Exeter there is a Thursday mornings group.

Directions to the Palace Gate Centre

Palace Gate turns off the bottom of South Street, and the Palace Gate Centre is the white building opposite the Oriental Buffet.

The playgroup meets upstairs in the Upper Hall – follow the signs to Dads and Littluns.
So, what kind of men go?

We′re just groups of normal blokes, who also happen to be dads looking after their children during the week. Some of us are homedads full time. Some have part time employment, and do the childcare on the other days. Some even work full time but with shift patterns that allow them to come to the playgroup with their kids.

And, although it′s mostly fathers that come to the playgroups, mums are also welcome.

Days: Friday

Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm

Where: Palace Gate Centre, 3 Palace Gate, Exeter, EX1 1JA

Cost: First session free

Contact:   email 

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