Exeter Food Bank

Our local supermarket has a sign up in the entrance telling you what food is desperately needed by the Food Bank, so you can add a few bits to your trolley as you go round, then put it in the big boxes at the end of the checkout.

So simple, yet it makes such a big difference and it barely adds a couple of quid to each shop – just imagine if EVERYONE donated even just one tin of food every time they shopped?

What does Exeter Food Bank Do?

Exeter Food Bank is designed to help individuals and families in crisis through the provision of 3 day’s basic emergency food supplies.

It is not a long term solution to problems but they provide people with a listening ear and a basic food package to help them through a difficult time.

Please note that the Food Bank is run by a Christian group but ANYONE can access their services in times of need.

Does your supermarket do this?  If not, perhaps you could ask them to join the scheme too? I can’t imagine that the admin would be very difficult and they would be getting extra sales too!


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