Exeter Sling Meet, April 2013

Sling Meet Exeter

This month’s Exeter Sling Meet will take place on Friday 12th April, 10.30-12noon, check out the Facebook page to find out where.

Come along and:

* Find out about babywearing
* Try on a new sling
* Learn a new carry
* Meet other parents who babywear
* Have a chat and coffee
* Find out about the Exeter Sling Library
* Share your knowledge and love of slings
* Buy and sell pre-loved slings and baby carriers

This is an open event so everyone is welcome, whether you are an expectant parent wanting to find out about slings, you are an experienced babywearer who is happy to share your knowledge or you just want to meet up with other parents.

Private sellers are welcome to bring slings and baby carriers along for sale too – it is up to individuals to come to arrangements between themselves, Exeter Sling Meet can’t get involved, sorry.

Arabella will be there with a selection of slings for you to try out and lots of other parents bring theirs too so there is lots to see!

Find Exeter Sling Meet on Facebook too:  Exeter Sling Meet

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