Fake Snow Craft

My oldest daughter has just discovered Pinterest, so we are gradually working our way through her long list of Pins.

This was one of the simpler ones and great fun for the toddler too.

This recipe makes a really amazing sensory play material, as well as one that is very festive.

It’s not sticky or gloopy at all. It has just about enough tack to hold together to make a snow man or snowball but it scatters beautifully when shaken through a flour sifter.

Both really enjoyed the sensation of moulding it in their hands especially as it feels surprisingly cold to the touch.

You could add a little glitter too, if you wanted to add more Christmas sparkle. I can see us making this again to add a snow frosting to an Advent scene.

To make

Tub of bicarbonate of soda
Can of shaving foam
Large bowl
Wooden spoon
Flour sifter/dough shapes (optional)

Put the bicarbonate in a bowl and add a small amount of shaving foam. We started with a ratio of less than half foam to bicarbonate and worked up from that.

Mix together well and add more foam if needed. You are looking for a material that just about holds its shape when pressed in your cupped hands. The loose mixture looks sort of flakey too, quite hard to explain though.

To start, both big and small just enjoyed the texture and the sensation, it does feel a lot like powdery snow.

Then we started making shapes, exploring the slightly odd texture.

The best fun was had with the flour sifter though – a perfect material to add a dusting of snow to the table.

Easypeasy fun and fairly easy to clear up afterwards, though I do wish I had bought unscented foam as the whole house smells very manly now.

(Sadly the Pin got deleted after the making session so I can’t link to it now).

20131111-112037 PM.jpg

20131111-112057 PM.jpg

20131111-112113 PM.jpg

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