Favourite Frugal Toy

After running a wooden toy selling shop for many years and having very generous family, we have vast number of toys but the girls both love playing with non-toys.

One of the most popular has always been the collection of broken necklaces. The originals were first played with by big girl 9 years ago and over the years many have been lost so I was excited to find new additions at the Hub on the Green’s bric a brac sale just before Christmas.

Toddler girl loves to rattle them in the tin (those who know her won’t be surprised that the noise really attracts her), run them through her fingers and use them in all kinds of imaginative play.

In the last few weeks they have been:

  • snakes
  • food for worms
  • cooked as all sorts of human food
  • grass for the farm set
  • field for the fairy mushrooms
  • river to cross
  • wrapped around dolls as baby slings
  • It’s worth remembering that often the expensive, all singing and dancing toys are actually not what your child wants or needs. Simple things that allow children to use their imagination and invent their own games generally have the most play value.


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