French group for toddlers in Exeter

French group for toddlers in Exeter

Bonjour to la Petite French School – the French group for toddlers in Exeter

If you have tried learning a language, you probably think it’s rather difficult.  Now imagine learning two languages at the same time, whilst trying to learn to walk, to discover and understand the world you live within. Babies minds are rather incredible, they have abilities that we no longer possess and this includes having the ability to absorb and understand multiple languages. In fact, research indicates that young children can benefit significantly from learning a second language.

pre school French group opens in Exeter

French group for toddlers in Exeter – La petite French school opens in Exeter

La Petite French School’s “raison d’être” is exactly that, offering fun French classes to babies and toddlers throughout Devon. The founders Cecile and Marion, both French natives and both married to Devonians, are passionate about the benefits of exposing young children to a second language. As teachers in a French school for dual nationality children, they noticed that the children appeared to have benefits over none bilingual children, beyond just understanding a second language.

After researching further, the pair discovered that research indicated that these benefits are very real. Bilingual children score higher in creative thinking and problem-solving in many studies. Other research indicates improved emotional health and social skills. Bilingual children also demonstrate superior reading, writing, social, & cognitive skills.

French group for toddlers in Exeter

This sparked an idea; a school to teach babies and toddlers French, in a fun interactive way. La Petite French School was launched in September 2017, and has been received so well that the school is already operating multiple classes throughout the county. Each weekly class introduces basic French through songs, stories, games and activities. Cecile and Marion believe that one of the reasons it’s becoming so popular is because it is so much fun for the parents as well as the little ones.

La Petite French School offers classes for children ages from 0 – 3 throughout Exeter, Tiverton and Barnstable. More locations will be opened in the new year. Sessions are also available for nursery groups.

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