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Older daughter and I love looking through Pintetest together and pinning ideas for future craft sessions. We have a whole board of gorgeous felt animals to make, lots of pretty jewellery, paper animals and all sorts of gorgeous things for her room.

Sometimes, we even get round to making them.

This weekend we sent the husband and toddler out for half an hour with the dog and we made a mobile phone charging station out of an old baby shampoo bottle and some pretty paper.

Sadly the tutorial we had pinned is no longer available to link to from Pinterest due to it being reported for spam but this is how we did it.

We took our bottle, washed it and removed the labels.


Then we used a knife and scissors to cut it into shape.

You want to have the flatter side of the bottle against the wall so leave that side longer than the front.

Cut a hole for the plug out of the back and make sure the top of the pocket is low enough to allow you to put your phone in when it is plugged in: all that wire takes up more room than you imagine.


We covered the inside of the bottle with normal craft glue and a piece of handmade paper that we had previously cut to size.


Turn your bottle so the back is facing you and start to trim away the excess paper.

You need to leave about 1cm so you can snip the curves in and turn it over for a neat edge on the front.

We used quite a bit of glue at this stage to make sure everything stayed put.



You then need to do the same with the opening for the plug. Cut inside the opening, leaving a 1cm edge, snip carefully into the corners and glue and fold.


We then wrapped another piece of paper around the body of the shampoo bottle, leaving a 1cm overhang at the top and 2 cm at the bottom.

The top edge was easy to fold over and glue but we snipped the curves on the bottom again so we’d get a neat finish.


And there it is. 20 minutes from start to finish and an up cycling project from Pinterest finished.


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