Gargoyle Making

Earlier today we attended a fantastic hands on Gargoyle  making session at the Chapter House, Exeter Cathedral.

We were met by Holly, who has only recently joined the education and events department at the Cathedral.  Holly was very friendly and welcoming and gave us a set of binoculars to go outside and look at the amazing gargoyles ourselves.

Holly explained that the gargoyles on the Cathedral range in age from the oldest dating back to the Norman times to the more “modern” Victorians.

After putting on an apron, E was given a lump of air hardening clay and shown how to knead it to soften.

Holly explained a few tips and tricks to making a strong model and away E went.

After an hour of intense concentration from E and a little help from Holly, this is the final result.

E is rightly delighted with it and when it dries out we will hang it up in the conservatory.

The Gargoyle making workshop is repeated tomorrow and Thursday, 10.30-12.30 and 1.30-3.30.

Cost £1 per child.

More info:

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