Helpful Toddlers

Now that L is walking and moving so much more, I am remembering just how “helpful” a toddler can be.

L’s helpfulness includes:

  • Wiping the table (aka shredding the dishcloth)
  • Replying to customer emails (aka eating the space bar)
  • Kneading the bread (aka eating the dough)
  • Sorting the washing (aka spreading it out all over the floor after I had just folded it.  She then got in the washing basket for a ride round the room)
  • Arranging the flowers (aka eating petals)
  • Taking the dog for a walk (aka falling over a lot)
  • Packing parcels (aka running off with shiny new stock)
  • Stacking the dishwasher (aka tipping half empty glasses over the floor)
  • Helping in the bathroom (aka ripping off tiny bits of loo roll and putting them in the bath)
  • Brushing my hair (aka hitting me in the face with the brush, lots of times)


Despite my frustration at moments when I am rushing to get things done, it is actually rather delightful to witness how a young baby starts to become toddler and eventually develops into a child.

Just this morning, L spent a very happy 10 minutes cleaning her own highchair – she had watched me wipe down the breakfast table so went and got a (clean) fabric wipe from the nappy basket and polished every bit of the highchair she could reach.

I do sometimes have to force myself to remember why I chose to stay at home rather than go back to work but I do so love watching her wonder and delight at each new thing she can do by herself, helping her where she needs but allowing her to explore and find new skills and knowledge in her own time.

Their desire to please you, to be totally focused on the moment and to copy your every move is a powerful reminder that everything we as parents do will be reflected back to us in our children.

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