How to spot a Fake Ergo

One of the questions I get asked all the time is “I saw a cheap Ergo baby carrier for sale, do you think it is genuine?”  Nine times out of ten, I have to advise that I think it is a fake and may be dangerous.

Ergo Baby is aware of the problem of fake baby carriers and is working hard to stop it as the fake carriers may be dangerous for several reasons:

  • Weak or flimsy buckles that break when the baby is being carried
  • insufficient stitching or seams meaning the straps may break
  • Non-baby safe dyes in the fabric meaning they are not safe to chew or suck
  • Weak fabric that may rip or tear

Tips to help you spot a fake Ergo before you buy

  1. Beware of heavily discounted prices – Ergo don’t often run special offers (sorry) so if there is a massive discount on the price, it is probably a fake
  2. eBay sales – Ergo have never authorised stockists to sell new Ergo products via eBay or other auction sites
  3. The package includes a DVD – the DVD has not been included with genuine Ergo products for several years
  4. Check the contact us page and returns page on any website – look for a genuine UK address (not a PO Box) and a UK landline (all UK retail sites are required by law to have this information).  Make sure the language makes sense and is all in English
  5. Check the site is listed on the Ergo Baby (you can find The Natural Nursery there by searching postcode EX4 1HA).

The Natural Nursery has been an authorised stockist of genuine Ergo Baby Carriers for 7 years and they are still the carrier most often used by our family.

If you are local to Exeter, you can arrange a demo of the Ergo range so you can find the baby carrier that is right for you, just drop me an email and we can slot in a time for you.

If you are worried about any Ergo product you have purchased, do give me a call and I will see if I can help.



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