iBounce Indoor Trampoline Park Exeter

iBounce Trampoline Park Exeter Review

The iBounce Indoor Trampoline Park Exeter opened just in time for the Easter holidays and despite the glorious weather, the girls were desperate to go. The overall verdict – great fun and we’ll be back!

In case you’ve not heard of it before, iBounce is a small chain of indoor trampoline parks featuring a range of floor trampolines, stunt zones, foam pits and game zones.

I was a little wary of the concept – we have a trampoline in the back garden that the girls love and could it really be THAT much more fun at a trampoline park?  I’m happy to admit, I was very wrong!

iBounce Indoor Trampoline Park Exeter is located at Exeter Sports Academy on Marsh Barton, not far from the Alphington Sainsburys.  There is very limited parking on site and I couldn’t see any bike racks – boo!  There are a number of busses that drop of nearby though; I’ve used the A and the B and a short walk to get to that part of Marsh Barton before.

The sessions work on a timed slot basis and I’d suggest booking in advance.  Tickets vary in price up to £9.95 each for the hour session for children aged 5-17 years.  Under 5s / under 100cm tall are only allowed into the dedicated parent and toddler sessions, which costs £6.

Once you’ve checked in at reception you collect your bright yellow socks and head off for your safety briefing session.  All bouncers MUST wear special grip socks for safety which cost £2 a pair.  You do get to take them home and lose in a drawer somewhere ready for next time though.

iBounce Indoor Trampoline Park Exeter

The iBounce park is at the back of ESA, so you walk passed the set up for Baby Sensory and the Street Motion space to the briefing room.  You can stand in the corridor and watch the previous session while you are waiting for your turn.

The briefing session consists of a video to watch and goes though basic safety procedures such as only 1 person per trampoline and no double flips.

Then it’s bouncing time.  My 5 year old was super speedy into the arena and one of the first up the tower for the big jump onto the airbags.  It’s a huge height for such a little one but she was fearless!  There are dozens of floor trampolines of differing sizes, space for tricks, light chaser and dodge ball games as well as the foam pits.

The children were well organised and with the help of the staff, joined in with games and took turns on the more popular spaces.  The room was full of energy and laughter but surprisingly a lot less shrieking than at soft play.

An hour is a perfect time slot.  Long enough to have a good turn on everything and come off hot and tired but not so long that they get exhausted and slip into tricky behaviour.

The Exeter iBounce trampoline park has a small cafe and viewing area where parents can wait.  Staff are very friendly and the food was well priced but they could do with better coffee please!  There are vending machines for chocolate and slushie drinks so it’s easy to slip into spending another £10 if you aren’t careful.

As well as the open sessions, iBounce Exeter runs fitness classes, birthday parties, adult disco nights and additional needs sessions so do check out the schedule online.

We had a great time at iBounce Indoor Trampoline Park Exeter and the girls are already asking to go back.  Have you been yet?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Arabella Greatorex, Editor of Exeter Baby Activities. The ultimate guide to family life in Exeter




iBounce Exeter Trampoline Park Review

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