National Baby Swimming Week

National Baby Swimming Week

Do you take your baby swimming? Here’s some very good reasons why you should!

National Baby Swimming WeekThe first-ever National Baby Swimming Week runs from Monday 31 October, urging mums and dads to take their little ones to their nearest swimming class for some fun family time, as well as gaining a host of health benefits along the way.

Research*1 has shown why many families are heading to the pool, with some babies as young as one-day old attending classes. They teach babies and toddlers a potentially life-saving skill, help with bonding, build physical strength, as well as their mental and social development. Plus, it’s great fun judging by the magical smiles on their faces!

Celebrities across the UK are also taking the plunge with their babies and toddlers, such as Coleen Rooney, Sam Faiers and Kristina Rhianoff!

A recent survey*2 conducted for National Baby Swimming Week by Water Babies, shows that those who start learning swimming from an early age get smitten by the health bug! This is very encouraging news, set against a worrying, worldwide crisis of growing childhood obesity.

It was found that 93% of children under the age of five who attend swimming lessons are physically active for at least 3 hours per day; 91% of their slightly older counterparts, (aged between seven and eight) easily meet the Chief Medical Officer guidelines of sixty minutes of moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity per day. This is way above the UK average, where only around a half of seven to eight year olds achieve this recommendation.

In addition, 92% of seven to eleven year olds surveyed could easily swim twenty-five metres unaided. However, the national picture is bleaker – only 45% of this age group are able to swim the same distance on their own.

National Baby Swimming Week

Water Babies Devon and Somerset: “Over the years we have seen countless babies and parents reap huge benefits from taking swimming classes with our highly qualified teachers. Sadly, far too many young children are missing out on all the positive benefits that come with swimming simply because they never learned this potentially life-saving skill.”

“Please ensure your child gets signed up for swimming lessons – the earlier the better! Here at Water Babies Devon and Somerset we draw on years of experience and we would love to help your little one embark on this fabulous journey!”

You can find lots of information on Exeter Swimming Schools and some very useful advice on how to choose the right one for your child, on our Swimming Classes and Pools page.

National Baby Swimming Week


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