New Nappies!

In the interests of the Exeter cloth bots, we have be testing out lots of new nappies since Christmas and have found a new fav that we will be stocking from now on.

Pop in nappy exeter

The new generation Close Pop-in nappy is just lovely.  DH loves it as he says it is a real dad’s nappy:

  • easy to use,
  • funky design,
  • soft to the touch,
  • easy to adjust,
  • washing tabs that even he can do up,
  • no need for a seperate liner (DH HATES the feel of normal microfibre),
  • slim fitting yet bombproof.

Pop In Nappy


The booster and soaker simply pop into the shell and away you go.  The front rise adjusts with poppers and there is a hook and loop closure to the waist, so it really will last to potty training.

We have both the minkee and the bamboo inners but as I am looking to invest in some faster drying nappies to bulk out our supply, I will be buying some more minkees for us.

We have found the minkee to be absorbent enough for us (I even forgot to add the night booster and the minkee did 7 hours over night without leaking) but for very heavy wetters I can see that the bamboo will be better.

owl printed pop in nappy

I have some big boxes on their way and will be nabbing some of the limited edition printed ones for our little cloth bot – I know they are in bamboo but I just have to have them!

I will be putting one into each of my nappy trial kits too, so let me know if you would like to join the waiting list.

RNW 2012 – we have 20% off all Pop-in nappies!


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