On Reading Books and Nappy Demos

Yesterday was a busy old day for Lamb and me. We spent the first part of the morning hanging out at home and playing together.

Her current favourite game is “reading” books – we spend hours with her sitting on my lap, turning one or two pages in a board book, looking very intently at the pictures.

She talks to the pictures quite a lot and does seem to be listening to me when I point to parts of the page and describe what is happening.

However what she seems most interested in is checking out the images on the page and making sure they stay the same – so she looks at a page, turns over, then looks back at the original page. Often she touches a particular part of the page, as if testing it somehow.

Then we do it again. And again. And then a few more times for good luck. Then we move on to a new page but quickly return to the original 2 pages.

I think a lot of this is to do with her current developmental stage – learning about categories. So at the moment, the Lamb is figuring out that our dog, the dog in the book, the dog we see in the park etc are all the versions of the same “thing”.

The flicking back and forward in the book (the favourite is a story about ducklings learning to swim) seems to be her way of experimenting and working out what things are similar to other things and which aren’t.

She does this by looking at the mummy duck on 2 or 3 pages, often touching that particular part of the page. Then she will do the same for the ducklings, then the water in the pond, then the grass on the banks, then start all over again.

Sometimes, you can see her eyes tracking to different parts of the page – that is the duck, that is the frog etc – as if comparing and contrasting the pictures.

It is lovely to be able to take the time to watch and support her during this stage – you can almost see the brain cells pinging as she is working things out all by herself.

If you are interested in the developmental stages for a baby, you could have a look at The Wonder Weeks book (affiliate link), where there are some amazing descriptions of the leaps that your baby will take and suggestions for how you can best support her at each stage.

After lots of reading, we headed into the office, to do the orders, answer emails etc, before packing the real nappy and sling demo kits for Babyccino.

This week was a busy week for nappy demos – I love being able to really spend time with new or expectant parents and demystify reusable nappies for them.

Nowadays, there are so many types of nappies on sale that it can be a bit confusing for new parents so it is so important that the valuable work of the Devon Real Nappy Project is continued and supported.

The question of the week was about sharing washing machines with non-nappy users and how hygienic was it to wash other items in with the nappies?

I put my nappies on a cold rinse to wash the worst out, then add in any extra whites that need washing before putting on my normal cycle and certainly haven’t noticed any hygiene issues, how about you?

I also did a number of sling demos and super speedy tidy up (thank you Joey for finishing off for me) and scooted up to school to watch a netball match (8 all draw so well done girls) before supper at Giraffe and back to the Hub for Homebirth meeting to talk more cloth nappies and baby slings.

This is the first time I have been able to stay for the whole of a Homebirth meeting and it was such a privilege to be able to meet such gorgeous tinies and to hear such amazing stories of women trusting their own bodies and having the births they wanted and deserved.

Lamb and I finally got home just after 10pm, a tiring but very rewarding day.

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