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Parent and Toddler Playgroups in Exeter

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Baby and toddler groups are the saviour of many a parent – a chance to get out of the house and find other parents facing life with young children, surviving on little or no sleep and covered in baby gloop too.

You can make new friends, have a cuppa and a chat and find out all the best cafes/parks etc to take your little one to.  Your baby or toddler will be able to play with new toys, meet other children, learn nursery rhymes and take part in lots of toddler activities.

Search for Baby and Toddler Clubs in Exeter by Day

There are lots of playgroups here in Exeter – we have categorised them by day of the week.  Click on the links below to see all the groups in Exeter on that day.playgroup Exeter







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Enter your postcode into the box below the map called “location” and hit go – the search will return the playgroups closest to your home and show them on our handy map making it a breeze to find the perfect babygroup for you.


And don’t forget that dads are most welcome at baby groups too.

A word of warning though – many groups run term time only so it is worth checking the school dates before heading off.

We hope you enjoy exploring the playgroups on offer in Exeter – do let us know if we have missed your favourite group.