Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves

Book Description

Every parent would happily give up ever scolding, punishing or threatening if she only knew how to ensure that her toddler/child/teen would thrive and act responsibly without such painful measures. Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves is the answer to this universal wish. It is not about gentle ways to control a child, but about a way of being and of understanding a child so she/he can be the best of herself, not because she fears you, but because she wants to, of her own free will.
“Aldort’s book should be on the must read list of all Moms and Dads. This book could carry a subtitle: “Saving the Emotional Lives of Our Children and The Future of Humanity.””- James Prescott, Ph.D. Institute of Humanistic Science

“Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves operates on the radical premise that neither child nor parent must dominate; it is for those who want to give up scolding, threatening and punishing. Her SALVE “formula” alone is worth the price of the book.” – Peggy O’Mara Editor and Publisher of Mothering

“Every once in awhile, a writer comes along who is comfortable speaking the truth, no matter how much it might challenge us or make us uncomfortable. Naomi Aldort is one of those people. In Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves, Naomi Aldort takes the struggle out of parenting and replaces controlling and shaping style of parenting with one that values, trusts and nurtures children’s innate abilities and autonomy.”

– Wendy Priesnitz Editor of Life Learning magazine, author of School Free and Challenging Assumptions in Education

About the Author

Naomi Aldort, Ph.D. is a psychologist specializing in parenting. Parents from around the globe seek Aldort’s advice by phone, in person and through her workshops and tapes/CDs. Her advice columns appear in parenting magazines in Canada, USA, AU, UK, and translated to German, Hebrew, Dutch, Japanese and Spanish.


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