Recycle Baby Food Pouches

recycle baby food pouches Exeter

recycle baby food pouches ExeterBaby food pouches are a really simple way to give your little one a healthy snack on the go.  They are convenient and mess free and children love them.

But as they are made from mix materials they can’t go in your household recycling box and it seems so wasteful to throw them in the bin.

I was delighted to spot this baby food pouch recycling point in Central Library.  It’s right next to the welcome desk as you come into the Library and accepts Ella’s Kitchen and other brands of baby food pouches.

Recycle Baby Food Pouches, Support the Library

Every pouch you drop off and recycle earns 2p for the Friends of Exeter Children’s Library Group.  So you can award yourself double brownie points for taking the time to make a trip to the library.

If you can’t make it to Central Library, you can also post the empty pouches to TerraCycle.  Still good for recycling but it won’t earn any money for the Children’s Library.

Plus if you do head to the Library to recycle your empty pouches, you can enjoy the fabby library or take part in one of the Bounce and Rhyme or story sessions.

So you can recycle baby food pouches Exeter and have some fun at the same time.

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