Reflexology at The Exeter Pregnancy and Baby Fair

This morning I had a rather lovely and relaxing session with Sarah Hewlett who is a reflexologist and accupressurist working in Exeter and Cullompton.

Sarah very kindly gave me an introduction to accupressure as past of the Hub on the Green’s Cake and Craft Fair.  This is a combination of massage and pressure work that can help to relieve aches, pains and tension.

It is very gentle and non-invasive – you remain fully clothed and sit in a specially adapted massage chair so it extremely relaxing.

At the start of our session, Sarah took a health review and checked what particular concerns I had with my back, spine and posture.  For me, it is the years of pregnancy, breastfeeding, computer work and babywearing that are beginning to take their toll and leaving me feeling a little stiff and tense.

Sarah then introduced me to the chair – a bit like a seated massage table.  It is fully adjustable, so you can make it fit your exact body size, so it is very comfortable.

Sarah then began working on my neck, shoulders, spine and arms – almost immediately I could feel the tension easing out and a tingle in my fingers, it was truly amazing.  Within a few minutes, my shoulders dropped so much that the chair had to be readjusted to accommodate my new position.

Sarah finished by giving me a few tips on techniques I can use on myself to help me reduce the stress on my body that motherhood creates.

The whole experience was very enjoyable and I can definitely feel a difference in my posture and comfort level.

Sarah also undertakes work with pregnant women too and I am delighted that she will be attending the Exeter Pregnancy and Baby Fair so you can meet with her yourself.

The Exeter Pregnancy and Baby Fair will take place:

When: Saturday 23rd June 2012

Time: 10 am – 12noon

Where: The Hub on the Green, 8 Cathedral Close, just down from Ask Pizza

This free event is aimed at expectant parents and families with babies under 6 months.

You can also find out more about Sarah and her work on her website –

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