Ride to Work Day

As some of you know, I have a rather funky way of getting the girls to school/nursery, real nappies and slings around to work, doing the weekly shop etc, etc, etc (including fun stuff like trips to the Turf Locks) and it doesn’t involve a car.

It’s my rather lovely electric cargo bike and it is just the best for getting around the City. I mostly use my own pedal power but if I have a full cargo or am going up Western Way, then a quick twist of the wrist and the electric motor kicks in. Genius.

If you are new to the delights of cycling around Exeter, why not start small and join the Cycle to Work Day on 12th September? It’s only 1 day and you may find you enjoy it so much it becomes part of you commute.

And if you sign up on the Cycle to Work site and pledge you cycle commute, you could win an amazing prize.

Find out more at https://www.cycletoworkday.org/

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