Silverton Parent and Toddler Group

Silverton Parent and Toddler Group provides a variety of activities for parents and their children to enjoy together in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

What happens at our sessions? At the start of the session we have tables set out with activities such as playdough, construction toys, jigsaws, craft table and paints. There is a rug available for babies and chairs for adults.

Later on some of the tables are cleared so that the children can sit for a drink and biscuit. Please try and encourage your child to sit down for their snack and not to wander around the room. Tea and coffee are available for adults. For the children’s safety—please do not walk around the room with hot drinks.

At the end of the session the group “comes together” for the singing of songs or rhymes, which are often combined with actions. This is good for the children, improving their co-ordination, vocabulary and understanding of the rhythms of language. The fun and repetition of simple rhymes build children’s confidence in using language.

We hope that you will enjoy your morning with us and if you have any ideas which you feel may benefit the running of our group, we are always pleased to hear them.

No form of physical punishment such as smacking, shaking or slapping, etc by staff and parents alike, on any child (including your own) is felt to be an appropriate form of discipline during a Baby and Toddler session.

Days: Friday, term time only and NOT the second Friday of the month

Time: 10.00am and 11.30am

Where: Silverton Evangelical Church, School Road, Silverton, EX5 4JH


Contact: Flyer  01392 861353 email  website 

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