Soap Daze – Devon made soap

I first came across Soap Daze at the Hub on the Green Cake and Craft Fair and I have to say that these are my new favourite soaps.

Not only do they smell divine they are beautifully presented to – each soap is individually wrapped in pretty paper and finished with ribbon, making them the perfect present.

What Soap Daze say about their products:

Luxury home-made soaps, made in small batches.

These soaps are 100% natural, and contain full glycerine content, commercial
manufacturers remove glycerine to add to more expensive products.

Soap Daze uses organic palm oil from a sustainable source, and local products, e.g. honey, beer, milk.

Soaps are made using the old-fashioned cold-process method, where oils are only heated gently to melt them….

They contain natural quality oils & essential oils.

Soaps do NOT contain EDTA, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, sorbitol, artificial fragrances, preservatives or colours.

Please e-mail me for further info or postal rates.

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