Socca Wraps for Lunch

Is 10am too early to think of lunch? 

The Lamb has been nursing lots lately so it seems I have food permanently on the brain. I am finding it hard not to fill myself up with instant sugar hit snacks, so planning ahead today.

I am going to make these in an hour or so and have with some cheese and salad – a simple, quick lunch that a 9 month old can join in with too.

You will need:

Chickpea flour



Olive Oil

Take equal parts of chickpea flour and water, mix to a smooth batter like a thick pancake mix. Add a little salt if you want but we tend not to if the children are eating with us.

To make about 4 socca, I start with 250ml of flour and the same of water.

Heat oil in a heavy based frying pan and pour in some of the batter.

Cook until just browning, turn and cook on the other side.  They can stick if you are not careful so do add quite a lot of oil to start with and see how you get on.

Serve immediately.

I like them with pretty much anything you can think of, soup, salad, cheese, ham, peanut butter.

If you want to make it extra special, you can add in some ground cumin or fresh corriander – rather lovely with a pre-dinner drink too.

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