Steiner Doll Making

A big thank you to Sue, who used to be one of the toddler leaders at Exeter Steiner School, for coming back into school today to teach a group of us how to make a doll.

For those who don’t know them, Steiner dolls are rather special.  They are hand made, with a particular child in mind, from natural fabrics and stuffed with hand carded wool. 

The dolls are kept intentionally very simple, with embroidered eyes and mouth and no facial expression.

This is so the child can give the doll its own unique personality and encourages imaginative, free play rather than stories that are shaped by outside influences.

I made lots of toys for Kitten when she was little, including several of the baggy dolls and felt animals by the hundred but had always been too scared to try one of the limbed dolls, so although the Lamb is really too young for this type of doll, I jumped at the chance to take part in this workshop.

The Lamb came with me, so I didn’t actually get very far with the doll and in typical me fashion I forgot to take any photos as I went along, but I will post some up when it is finished.

The whole day was a wonderful experience and I loved the time to be working in such a kind and sharing group, learning new skills.

Sue is such a kind and generous teacher, gently helping and guiding where needed but allowing each maker to craft the doll that is right for their child.

If you want to see the process for making one of these beautiful dolls, the Echoes of a Dream blog has a step by step guide.

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