Super Simple Cream Cheese

Yum scrum is all I can say to this. This cheese is so quick and easy to prepare (though you do need to leave it overnight) and it tastes amazing.

We often have it on toast for breakfast and it’s great stirred into pasta for instant sauce.

You need:

Large tub of plain yoghurt (I tend to use Greek style)
1/2 tsp salt
Muslin cloth

Mix the salt into the yoghurt.

Put the muslin inside a sieve suspended over a bowl and pour the yoghurt mixture in.


Flip the ends of the muslin over the yoghurt and put somewhere cool overnight.

In the morning you will find the cloth is SOAKED through and that the bowl is full of liquid.

Gently unwrap your cheese from the cloth and turn out onto a plate.

Stand back and admire for a moment before diving in.



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