T-shirt Yarn

As part of our general decluttering, I’ve been clearing out sacks of clothes. Lots have gone to various charity shops but some have been too marked or ripped for that.

Rather than throw them away, big girl and I have been making T-shirt yarn out of them.

The lovely Eve from Future Threads taught us how to do this on a course at the Hub last year. It’s really easy and makes a great thread for crochet, knitting or weaving.

First of all, lay your T-shirt out and cut the bottom seam off.

Then cut the body off from the rest of the top, just under the armpits.

This leaves you with a band of fabric. Turn it so the cut edges are at the sides and bring the bottom up almost to the top. Leave about an inch uncovered at the top.

Now cut from the bottom up to the top making sure you cut through the first seam at the top but NOT through the second. You want to end up with a fringe where all the bits are still attached.

You want each of the strands to be about 1.5 – 2 cm wide. As you can see, my cutting isn’t always straight but it doesn’t seem to matter too much.

Then slide your hand inside the T-shirt, you can see you have a band of uncut material with lots of loops hanging off it.

Now comes the magic. Cutting on a DIAGONAL, cut across the band of fabric and you will create one long strip of material.

Keep going and you will have a lovely pile of fabric.

To turn this into yarn that you can craft with, pull it gently – you will feel it stretch out and the sides curl in, making a cord. Just keep going all the way to the end.

Ball it up and away you go!


I made a red pencil pot from the Exeter Tennis Club T-shirt and a bowl from a pink stripe pj top.

It gives a lovely dense texture when worked with.

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