Teething / Nursing Necklaces

I had always been a bit suspicious of these – I thought they were just another bit of baby kit – pretty look at, but why did you really need one?

We had been approached by several manufacturers asking if we wanted to stock them but I could never quite get round to ordering any – wasn’t it just another way of getting you to spend more on things you didn’t really need?

But now I know why.  My little one is 4 months old now and still feeds 7 or 8 times a day but she is so interested in the world around her that she is on and off the boob like a jack in the box.

Added to that is the desire to chew on anything due to teething pains, making some feeds a little frustrating to say the least.

I invested in a Gumigem necklace, a teething necklace made from soft silicone, pretty enough to wear every day and not look like something a toddler has made for you, and safe for baby to chew, suck and gum on.

It was an instant hit.  Little one loves to hold the cord and search for the pendant whilst she is nursing and chew it when she has sore teeth.

Gumigem are made in the UK, so another reason to love them.

My only bugbear?  That I didn’t start stocking them ages ago and now there is already a stockist in Exeter – the lovely Baby Not Included.

I bought a Raindrop Gumigem from Baby Not Included for £12.50 – a sound investment.

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