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Just remembering how lovely the start of the inquisitive phase is.

Although L isn’t walking yet and she is in the sling when we go out, it is still taking us half an hour to walk down our road, stopping at every tree, fence, wall, plant, lamppost etc so she an inspect, touch, smell and feel each new thing.

Current favourites are shaking the rain off trees, feeling the different textures on tree trunks/walls and sniffing the flowers.

It is all rather sweet really, as it is all accompanied by her new word of the week “that”, shouted out while she points randomly to the world around her.  She isn’t too fussed what the “that” actually is, just as long as it is something she can tough and explore.

Her simple enjoyment in each new thing is a wonderful reminder to me to just slow down, breath deeply and let the world go by, unless we are late for picking older dd up from school of course.

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