The Squirrel, Steiner Toddler Group Song

Our 2 year old loves her weekly trip to the Children’s Garden Steiner Toddler Group, especially circle time.

This is one of the current songs:

The Squirrel

Whisky frisky hippity hop,
Up they scamper to the top,
Twirly whirlybird round and round,
Down they scamper to the ground.

Curly furly what a tail,
As tall as a feather,
As broad as a sail,
Where’s their supper?
In a shell,
Snappity crackity out it fell.

You can make up lovely hand movements to it which really engross and involve the toddlers.

I hope I’ve got the words right, I can’t find the author of this poem but there does seem to be a very similar one here:
If you know more about this poem, please tell me so I can provide the correct credit.

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