Thrifty Stork Maternity Shop Opening in Exeter March 2015

thriftystorkThe Thrifty Stork, is a Maternity and Infant Wear Boutique, selling great quality pre-loved and new maternity wear and baby clothes from birth to 24 months.

Pregnant women can look and feel fabulous with their bumps, but at high street prices for high end pieces. The cost of their new wardrobe is mitigated by reselling after Baby arrives – like a dress agency. Women bring their pre-loved but now unwanted maternity garments in ready-to-sell condition, we agree the price and TTS sells on their behalf for a commission. This stock is augmented by new

preloved maternity clothes exeter

Work in progress

garments too, which are priced well below the RRP. TTS typically stocks around 1000 garments with a price range to suit any woman, and an outfit to suit any occasion.

It’s a fun ’boutique’ experience, putting outfits together for women who often arrive feeling frumpy and self-conscious but leave with renewed confidence in their new curves!

Opening on South Street, Tuesday March 3rd 

The Thrifty Stork

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