Toddler Christmas Craft

With a big age gap between the girls, it’s sometimes hard to find craft activities that will appeal to both. Big girl always wants to get complicated and toddler always wants to do what big is doing, so it often ends in tears.

These simple felt Christmas decorations were a winner all round though.

I Googled for an easy to cut out Christmas tree shape and big and I cut several out of green felt. Toddler happily wielded her scissors, cutting up scraps of felt (big cut some out too).

The girls glued the small felt pieces onto the tree shapes in fairly random patterns.

When the glue was dry, big and I stitched thin ribbon loops on and added simple embroidered stars for decoration and to make sure they will withstand toddler poking.

We also made some stockings and stars in the same way too.

If you don’t have the supplies you need to hand, you can buy felt and ribbon from lots of places in Exeter, including Bunyip on Fore Street, Percy’s on Sidwell Street and Inspirations next to Central Train Station.

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