Top Play tips from Attachment Parenting UK

If you are looking for some quick play ideas the new Attachment Parenting UK website has a whole page of them. Here are a few:

A selection of wooden bricks can be used for so many games at all ages – children can make houses, boats, stables for toy horses, garages for toy cars, towers, ramps, roads…the list is endless.

A bag of different colour, texture and length of ribbons makes for an excellent inspiration for all manner of games – as does a box of material scraps for dressing up dolls, as play bandages etc.

Waft a big sheet (you’ll need another pair of hands!) over children who are tumbling about on the floor or on bed and listen to the giggles!

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Attachment Parenting UK is a newly founded Community Interest Company offering resources for the growing community of parents interested in, and practicing attachment parenting principles. The website includes a wealth of articles, tips, events, book suggestions, personal stories and a database of support groups that advocate attachment theory and attachment parenting.

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