Trial Slings

Lots of fluffy post arriving next week into The Natural Nursery, including 3 new baby carriers that will be available for Exeter parents to try out.

New in next week will be:

Beco Gemini baby carrier

Beco Butterfly baby carrier


Boba 3G carrier

These are all soft structured baby carriers and are fairly new to our range but we have already had amazing feedback about them.

A soft structured carrier is a little more “mainstream” than wraps or Mei Tais but still provide optimal support for baby and parent.

They consist of a roughly rectangular shaped piece of fabric with straps at each corner.  The straps generally fasten with a buckle and are easily adjusted to suit a range of body sizes.

They wear a little like a rucksack, either on your front or back, and should distribute the weight of the baby well, so that you can carry heavy toddlers/pre-schoolers for good lengths of time.

Although buckles are not to everyone’s taste, they do make for quick slings and we have found that many non-babywearing Dads are swayed by SSC.

If you would like to try out any of these new slings (or any of the others we have for demo), drop Arabella an email at

Other slings available to try include Ergo, Moby, EllaRoo Wrap, EllaRoo Ring Sling, Calin Blue Wraps and pouch slings.

Please note:  You will be welcome to try out any of the slings for comfort and fit but you will not be able to borrow them. There is no obligation to buy and the service is completely free.

This is NOT the Exeter Sling Library, who do provide a lending service.  You can contact the Sling Library via their Facebook page at

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