Water Safety and Baby Swimming Talks

Drowning prevention week Water Safety and Baby Swimming Talks

Drowning prevention week Water Safety and Baby Swimming TalksThis Friday sees the launch of Drowning Prevention Week and local business Water Babies Devon and Somerset is relaunching their Water Safety and Baby Swimming Talks to help ensure parents have all the information they need to keep their families safe.

Water Babies says:

Water Babies Devon & Somerset is committed to supporting local communities through promotion of water safety and healthy lifestyles. Tragically, drowning is the third-biggest cause of accidental death among under-5s in the UK and we want to play a part reducing the rate of childhood drowning. With childhood obesity levels worryingly high, we also want to increase participation in family exercise. Swimming is a fantastic way of getting little ones exercising from a very young age; the water provides an environment where they can have a full body workout.

Benefits of Baby Swimming Water BabiesWater Safety and Baby Swimming Talks

With these goals in mind, Water Babies has a well-established programme of free Water Safety and Baby Swimming Talks for pre- and post-natal groups about the importance of exercise and water safety for 0-4s.  Each talk lasts about 20 minutes and includes information on the following:

  • the importance of exercise in the first year of life and the physical, social and cognitive benefits of baby swimming for babies (and parents!)
  • useful tips to help parents to get started with water confidence and water safety, including demonstrations of simple skills that can be practised at bath time
  • what to consider when taking your baby swimming on your own including helpful hints about immunisations, water temperature, staying safe and eczema
  • what to expect at a baby swimming class

The purpose is to promote the benefits of water safety and baby swimming in general, so we are careful not to ‘sell’ our own business. It is usually a rather informal chat during which we invite mums, dads and members of staff to ask questions whilst we try not to feel too broody!

To support them more fully, we also provide parents with leaflets on bath time tips and drowning prevention. We hope to leave groups of expectant and new parents feeling confident about trying out an activity that will give them opportunities for gentle exercise, social interaction and bonding time with their babies.

Do you know expectant or new parents who would benefit from knowing more about water safety and the benefits of exercise for babies and toddlers?

If you think one of the short Water Safety and Baby Swimming Talks would be useful for the groups you attend, please pass this information onto the group leaders and ask them to contact Water Babies via email or over the phone on 01392 790100.

You can find out more about local swimming pools and Rowan’s fantastic tips on how to choose the perfect baby swimming school on our Swimming Classes and Pools page.


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