Wool Stash

Crafting and making things things yourself can be a wonderful way of saving money.

But sometimes buying the materials you need can be very expensive themselves.

I like to scour the vintage and charity shops for quirky bargains to craft into unique and beautiful items.

This is my wool stash – I reckon it cost me less than £5. Some of it already earmarked for projects.

The tweed brown wool is for hat/gloves/scarf. The white balls I’ll use making face cloths. The purple will go on some new baby legs.

The smaller balls of brighter colours have been requested by the big girl who wants to crochet some flowers to make a garland for her room and others I will use up making stash pots for around the house.

All the hooks can from Charity shops too, mostly for around 40-50p each.

Good sources of cheap crafting materials include:

Carboot sales
Hospice Charity shop at the top of Fore Street, City Centre
Force Charity shop on Fore Street, Heavitree
PDSA and RSPCA Charity shop on Cowick Street
Crikey it’s Vintage sales
Scrapstore in Belmont Park
Craft fairs and bric a brac sales at the Hub on the Green

Have a good browse around, you may find the perfect craft materials at a bargain price plus you will be up cycling and recycling so it’s better for the planet too.



There is often all sorts of goodies to be found for sale at the Hub on the Green.


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