Wriggle Rhythms Classes Sept 2012

Early Days (non-mobile and little babies 0-6 months)- includes elements of massage and baby yoga, relaxation for parents and simple, soothing activities

Monday 2pm, Chestnut Children’s Centre

Wednesday 3pm, Countess Wear Children’s Centre

Wigglers ‘n’ Wagglers (wiggling, crawling, crusing, and toddling babies) This class could be split into Wigglers ‘n’ Wagglers and Shufflers ‘n’ Shakers dependent on numbers (Shufflers is for the more active wigglers!)

Wednesday 10am, Chestnut Children’s Centre

Friday 11am, Flying Start Children’s Centre

Friday 2pm, Countess Wear

Jolly Jigglers (Confident Movers and possibly talkers)- a more active class, including story-telling through movement and yoga

Monday 10am, Chestnut Children’s Centre

Friday 10am, Countess Wear Children’s Centre

Friday 10am, Flying Start Children’s Centre

Wriggle Rhythms classes are £17.50 for 5 weeks, or £15 for members of Under One Roof.

For more info and to book your place, contact groups@underoneroofexeter.co.uk

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