Yummy Baby Balm

Made right here in Exeter!

BaBee Balm is a range of home-made moisturising products for babies and adults alike.

Free from artificial fragrances and preservatives, BaBee Balm products are perfect for daily use, even by those with sensitive skin.

BaBee Balm Nappy Balm is a blend of cocoa and shea butters, beeswax and coconut oil, providing an effective barrier and soothing balm for nappy changes. Complete with chamomile, lavender and vitamin E oils, it calms and repairs the skin for a happier baby!

In addition to being an excellent nappy balm, it is also suitable for use on any other areas of dry skin for adults as well as babies.

BaBee Balm Moisturising Bar is a daily facial moisturising bar. Made from coconut oil, cocoa butter, and beeswax, it is a light and easily absorbed formula. Simply rub the bar in your hands to melt and gently massage into the skin.

Made with the purpose of clearing up my children’s eczema, BaBee Balm has now proved to be indispensable, especially in the harsh wind of the winter months.

Please contact me if you would like any further information. Babee.balm@hotmail.co.uk

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